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Relentless Agent of the Month Rob Schanilec

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Congratulations to our #relentless Agent of the Month Rob Schanilec, CENTURY 21 Atwood Northfield office.

In the ever-evolving world of real estate, success often hinges on adaptability and embracing new technologies. It is with great pleasure that we celebrate Rob Schanilec, a remarkable REALTOR® whose relentless drive and innovative mindset have set him apart as our Relentless Agent of the Month. Rob's unwavering dedication to his clients and his pioneering work in developing enhancing tools for commercial properties have elevated the real estate experience for all involved. Join us as we congratulate Rob Schanilec, REALTOR®, CENTURY 21 Atwood, on this well-deserved achievement.

One of the most admirable qualities of Rob Schanilec is his relentless drive to adapt and embrace new tools and technologies that enhance the real estate experience for his clients. In an industry where change is constant, Rob's ability to stay ahead of the curve has been nothing short of exceptional. By continuously learning and incorporating cutting-edge techniques into his practice, he has raised the bar for what it means to provide a truly elevated experience.

By leveraging his expertise and deep understanding of commercial real estate, Rob has successfully crafted tools that allow for efficient property evaluation, market analysis, and client engagement. His commitment to improving the commercial real estate landscape for both clients and colleagues demonstrates his unwavering passion for pushing boundaries and setting new industry standards.

Rob Schanilec’s tireless efforts in adapting tools and technology not only reflect his commitment to his profession but also his genuine desire to provide an exceptional experience for his clients. His personalized approach, attention to detail, and willingness to go above and beyond have earned him a stellar reputation and a growing list of satisfied clients.

Rob understands that buying or selling a property is a significant life event, and he consistently demonstrates his dedication by ensuring that every step of the process is seamless and stress-free. By leveraging his extensive network and utilizing the latest technologies, Rob ensures that his clients receive nothing but the best in terms of service, information, and results.

As we congratulate Rob on being named our Relentless Agent of the Month, we look forward to seeing his continued success and witnessing the positive impact he will undoubtedly have on the real estate industry as a whole.


Relentless Agent of the Month Nancy Murphy

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Congratulations to our #relentless Agent of the Month Nancy Murphy, CENTURY 21 Atwood Duluth office.

Nancy is known for her relentless dedication to providing outstanding service and giving 121% effort to ensure her clients' needs are met. Her exceptional performance and commitment to excellence have earned her rave reviews on Real Satisfied for all her transactions.

One of the things that sets Nancy apart is her unwavering professionalism and hard work. She consistently raises the bar in the real estate industry, going the extra mile to exceed her client's expectations. Nancy's dedication to her clients and her outstanding performance has truly amazed us and earned Nancy the #relentless agent of the month.

Nancy's commitment to excellence is truly inspiring. She continues to deliver exceptional results for her clients, earning their trust and satisfaction. Her outstanding service and dedication to her craft have made her an invaluable asset to our team at CENTURY 21 Atwood, and we know she will continue to excel in her real estate endeavors. Way to go, Nancy! Keep up the fantastic work!

Please help us in congratulating, Nancy Murphy, as our #relentless agent of the month.


Relentless Agent of the Month Craig Hoium

Craig Hoium CENTURY 21 Atwood

Congratulations to our #relentless Agent of the Month Craig Hoium, CENTURY 21 Atwood Albert Lea office.

We are thrilled to extend our congratulations to Craig Hoium, the Relentless Agent of the Month, CENTURY 21 Atwood! Craig's dedication and unwavering commitment to his clients are truly exemplary, and it's no surprise that he has received this well-deserved recognition. Craig consistently goes above and beyond to ensure his clients' needs are met, providing them with expert guidance and support every step of the way. With over 30 years of experience in the real estate and construction industry, he has helped numerous buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals. He gives 121% effort to deliver top-notch service and achieve outstanding results for his clients. Craig's hard work, passion, and tenacity are truly inspiring, and this is why Craig Hoium is our #relentless agent of the month!

Please help us in congratulating, Craig Hoium, as our #relentless agent of the month.

Craig Hoium CENTURY 21 Atwood

Relentless Agent of the Month Laura Cunningham

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Congratulations to our #relentless Agent of the Month, Laura Cunningham, CENTURY 21 Atwood Albert Lea office.

Laura has hit the ground running during her first year in real estate and has truly shown what it takes to defy mediocrity and provide above and beyond service to her clients. She is always willing to give back and strives for 121%. During her first year, Laura has placed in the Top 100 agents in CENTURY 21 Minnesota. Laura's tireless efforts and commitment to excellence make her a true standout and have earned her our #relentless agent nomination. Keep up the amazing work!

Please help us in congratulating, Laura Cunningham, as our #relentless agent of the month.

Relentless Agent of the Month Bonnie Kruger

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Congratulations to our #relentless Agent of the Month, Bonnie Kruger, CENTURY 21 Atwood Mankato office.

Bonnie has been a dedicated agent for many years, and it's no surprise that she continues to excel in her field. Her focus on taking care of her clients, and her ability to go above and beyond has earned her a reputation for excellence and has resulted in many satisfied clients. Bonnie's tenure in the industry is an asset to her clients as it gives her the experience, knowledge and skills to navigate the market and negotiate on their behalf. Thank you, Bonnie, for your dedication and hard work, you are truly #relentless!

Please help us in congratulating, Bonnie Kruger as our #relentless agent of the month.


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CENTURY 21 Atwood shares the #relentless story of Master Sergeant Ted Johnson, Duluth, MN.

The feeling of community and support that Wounded Warriors United MN provides is probably incomprehensible to most. Most civilians, that is. Ted Johnson understands the importance and need of creating this community, and how it has dramatically and positively impacted Veterans in Minnesota. This is the beginning of the story and why Ted is our #relentlessneighbor.

“Sharing stories helps. Understanding is so important. Getting together and being in each other’s company makes us understand that we are not alone.” 

Ted is a Duluth, MN native, and is active in the military, full-time today. He is in the 148th Fighter Wing, Weapons Loader. He left for the Marine Corps Boot Camp 10 days after his high school graduation. Duluth, born and raised, Ted has experienced much in military life including being deployed to Iraq. Right after boot camp, Ted came to get to know someone from that boot camp closely. Shortly after, that person tried to take his life.

“Civilians do not go through or share the same intense experiences we do. Leaving your family, unsafe environments, responsibility to what you do, what you see that others cannot imagine”. 

Deployment revealed the unimaginable, and shortly after, Ted had another close friend take his life. Those life experiences led him and some close fellow veterans to start the Wounded Warriors United Minnesota chapter in 2016. 

“Only vets understand what other vets know.” Ted is relentless because he wants to help other veterans have positive options for their future lives and to help them have better outcomes emotionally. WWUMN takes veterans on outdoor excursions 10 to 12 times a year and is active through a lot of word-of-mouth promotion. “All are welcome – veterans we know, people that reach out through social media, word of mouth, active, retired, medically retired. All are welcome”. In one of those first outings, Ted remembers a participant telling him, “My brother has not smiled in I don’t even know how long. To see him laughing and enjoying himself and not worrying about anything else, is awesome.” That, right there, is what a community like this can do. 

WWUMN covers all costs for the participants. The goal is to leave everything behind with no worry, and not a concern about a single financial aspect. “Everything is better when you get in nature with fellow veterans. We can understand each other without having to tell the whole story.” Ice fishing trips, goose hunts, wake boating, hunting, anything outdoors! As Ted describes – the comradery that is built within a couple of hours of meeting people is impressive. 

“Being able to provide that experience of sharing without judgment. That leads to understanding and better emotional health.  That is awesome.  Through shared understanding, life will have a positive trajectory again. Getting through the highs and lows of each person’s unique experience and building momentum to have more highs together. It is ok if you make a phone call to help your mental and emotional health”

This #relentless neighbor post might help us all understand veterans, even though we may never share the same experience.

If you would like to learn more or donate to the Wounded Warriors United Minnesota chapter please visit their website at www.wwumn.org and make sure to follow them on Facebook @woundedwarriorsunitedminnesota. Spread the word to and share their posts with all of the fellow veterans in your life.

Please help us in honoring Major Sergeant Ted Jonhson, our outstanding CENTURY 21 Atwood Relentless Neighbor of the Month.

Relentless Agent of the Month Shanda Kim

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Congratulations to our #relentless Agent of the Month Shanda Kim, CENTURY 21 Atwood Rochester office.

Shanda is new to real estate, but not new to being relentless! In her first year+ as a REALTOR® she has closed 8 transactions and continues to build her business. Shanda connects with clients as a trusted advisor through her live social media “Coffee and Conversation” posts, educates consumers through real estate questions and answers they are seeking, and develops long-lasting relationships that don’t end when the sale ends. She sets big goals for herself and her clients and makes big plans to achieve them. This is #relentless, and this is why Shanda Kim is CENTURY 21 Atwood’s Relentless Agent of the Month. 

Please help us in congratulating Shanda Kim as our #relentless agent of the month.


Relentless Agent of the Month Kelly Miller

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Congratulations to our #relentless Agent of the Month Kelly Miller, CENTURY 21 Atwood Mankato office.

Kelly Miller is a go-getter that is committed to listening to her clients, understanding that emotions are always involved, and helping her clients achieve their ultimate goals in each unique situation. Kelly’s attention to detail in her work and ability to communicate even the most difficult facts with empathy and respect, while still showcasing her expertise, is why her clients will choose to work with her and will refer their friends and family to her for life.  This is #relentless, and this is why Kelly Miller is CENTURY 21 Atwood’s Relentless Agent Of The Month. 

Please help us in congratulating Kelly Miller as our #relentless agent of the month.


Relentless Neighbor of the Month Holly Karsjens

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CENTURY 21 Atwood shares the #RELENTLESS story of Holly Karsjens, Albert Lea, MN.

“We need to do this because it is good for everyone’s soul. That is the language of humans.”

This is a story in the making, and though we are sharing the beginning you will want to know what happens for months to come. It is a story of what humanity looks like. Holly Karsjens is on a #relentless mission to accomplish expanding all communities in Albert Lea, Minnesota and her progress so far proves that we are all stronger together. Compassionate, independent, outside-of-the-box thinker?  Check, check and check. Her marketing background, leadership, event planning experience, and collaborative art space studio in Albert Lea including dance, yoga, art, and music for kids and adults, really got her involved in the community. Especially as an advocate for other businesses. Like many other entrepreneurs, she had to close the doors on that business in March of 2020. 

“The phone call heard around the world” as she explains it. The art studio was the start of something different, the start of people coming together in unique ways. How do you keep building a community when the community can’t be open?

At that moment, in March of 2020, Holly accepted a position with the Albert Lea Convention And Visitors Bureau, which was combined with the Main Street Program Director position. She had an idea of the challenge she was facing, but it led to an opportunity to create so much more than she expected. Holly’s background was a great match for the CVB and Main Street Organization, a perfect fit for all that was needed and all that was to come. It was also an “Oh, you want to have events and tourism, but we are in a pandemic!” kind of moment. Holly was a positive force that was needed.

“Making a great community impacts positive change. Little things can make big impacts, a ripple effect.” 

This ripple effect that Holly is creating is attached to broadening what community means. Attached to comfortable conversation embracing new and modern thought perspectives.  “Growth means exploring different thought processes, being open at the heart of the community.” It can be a bumpy road while exploring that type of change. Holly likes to say to her colleagues and community members, “…you can be mad at me today, but I know you will come to our future events. By me doing these things it makes it a safer space for your kids and grandkids, and it’s expanding what community means.”

What has been evolving because of Holly? Just a little bit…  Albert Lea’s first ever PRIDE event coming up in 2023!  This year's Cinco de Mayo and Mexican Independence Day events and working on public art features. Before she began this impactful role, Holly earned the 2018 Citizen Of The Year award and uses that for inspiration. It is her compass, her standard of what she must accomplish for the future. “Main Street is building, rejuvenation is happening in downtown. The CVB is having great events and we are able to market them. We are breaking boundaries and elevating community growth.”

Albert Lea, MN is feeling the positive effects and it is validated by the comments of community members. During that Mexican Independence Event that just happened on 9/16 people came up teary and emotional because they now feel like the community is making space for them.  People have written letters. Heartfelt, open dialog like, “…hey, I never really felt seen in our community but now I do know.”  “I have been worried because I see and hear things people say, but because you are in leadership it is changing, slowly moving ahead.”  Holly knows she is finding ways to get beyond divisiveness.

Just keep moving is this year’s mantra. Community outreach is building. “Build the things so that the future leaders can continue to expand on them. When people speak of this community I want them to have an endearing feeling of fond memories. When people speak positively about the community they are more inclined to be kind, and be a part of culture change while embracing each other.” 

Holly has visualized and executed the premise that expanding the view of a community means more for businesses, more for the business leaders in the community, and more for bringing people together and enlightening perspectives. “If there is nothing here, no one is going to come and visit.”

Built on Holly’s driving force that the residents of the community are #1 and the visitors #2, it all comes back to “Humans are the piece that matter.”

Visit the CVB and Main Street Organization at WWW.EXPLOREALBERTLEA.COM or WWW.ALBERTLEAMAINSTREET.COM to see what Holly and the Albert Lea community are building up next!

Relentless Agent of the Month Chris Mattila

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Congratulations to our #relentless Agent of the Month Chris Mattila, CENTURY 21 Atwood Silver Bay office.

Chris has been working on the North Shore of Lake Superior for over 20 years. Her professionalism, ethics, and constant desire to do the best, always, for her clients are unsurpassed. She is and has been an example to all of our communities of how #relentless drive and giving 121% always wins. Chris goes above and beyond and it shows. Congratulations on your continued success!

Please help us in congratulating Chris Mattila as our #relentless agent of the month.

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