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Welcome To Wahpeton


Welcome To Wahpeton

Wahpeton, North Dakota is located in Richland County with a population of more than 8,000. This sweet town has plenty to do, from fishing to golf to the zoo.

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Living In Wahpeton

Between Wahpeton and its twin city Breckenridge, just across the other side of the river, residents enjoy a variety of living options from downtown to cozy neighborhoods. Residents enjoy fishing, hiking, and being outdoors. This friendly community boasts a welcoming atmosphere and beautiful neighborhoods.


What To Do In Wahpeton

There is plenty to do outdoors in Whapeton, especially where the Bois de Sioux River and the Otter Tail River join to form the Red River of the North. Home to the Wahpeton Huskies, Chahinkapa Zoo, North Dakota State College of Science, and the Red Door Art Gallery, people enjoy the beautiful scenery and lake views.

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