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Relentless Neighbor of the Month Trisha Anderson

CENTURY 21 Atwood shares the #RELENTLESS story of Trisha Anderson, Partners for Housing, Mankato MN.

DIFFERENCE MAKERS – Helping the community one person at a time makes a great impact.

Difference makers impact individuals in all sorts of ways, big and small. Trisha Anderson of Partners for Housing in Mankato, MN understands that it can be hard to ask for help. So hard that people don’t ask until a barrier becomes a financial, shelter, employment, or other major issues. For instance, imagine if you, as a financial supporter of your family, encountered a series of life-changing events that left you without a job or driver’s license. Then, imagine if, because you lost your job, had no financial means of getting that license back so that you could secure a new job.  This situation quickly becomes hopeless and defeating. 

This is a real story of a community member. We will never know what barriers someone is facing until we walk in their shoes or until they let us in. Everyone’s issues are uniquely important. What Trisha does to open that door is “makes sure people feel like individuals”. A no-judgment environment where each unique person is respected and help is offered. 

Partners for Housing in Mankato offers support for women, children, and families facing homelessness and works with community members to overcome life barriers. This leads to long-term success and independence. Trisha explains, “I like to give back. If I can just do a little bit to give back, the community can grow and we can take care of our people.”  Helping the community one person at a time does make a great impact. Partners For Housing has supporters, like Atwood Management, that help to provide stable housing.   

But it does not stop there. They also assist with the financial barriers that can lead to employment issues, loss of housing, child care, and food supply needs. Trisha, as if that was not relentlessly amazing in itself, also serves on the South Central MN Food Recovery Board and partners with The Wooden Spoon Bakery and Restaurant. They created a food program that Trisha supports as well - food that would normally go to waste is taken in and prepared and then distributed out to the community as individually packaged and microwavable meals. 12,000 meals as of June of this year have been distributed! 

“The last two years have caused hardships for families that they did not see coming.” People facing homelessness through back rent owed or other unpredicted issues that create a risk for stability. One issue could snowball to many more. If you found yourself needing to find a new place to live but could not pay for a security deposit and first month’s rent, that could lead to a mental health crisis, combined with child care costs, language barriers that prevent filling out paperwork, life circumstances then set in and can become tragedies. Partners For Housing helps. 

How can you help? Fundraisers are a must, but are also fun! Pedal Past Poverty coming up in February of 2023 is a great opportunity to give your support to this great organization. Sponsored by YMCA and Scheels in Mankato, you can get a team together, take an indoor cycle ride and raise money in the process. Money raised goes to property maintenance and upkeep for their combined 3 shelters and support of up to 24 families' housing needs and supporting the families to overcome other financial barriers of homelessness. Contact Trisha at (507) 387-2115 to learn more about getting involved.

“If I can be part of a solution of homelessness for just some of the people, I am part of the solution.  That is rewarding.”


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